How Can You Undergo A Course On Emergency Medical Training?

Hello folks! I am starting this article by telling you how I came across the course advanced cardiac life support which as looked upon as an emergency medical training. My father being a doctor made me well aware of most of the common medical terms and few medication of common illness and happily I used to call myself ‘half doctor’.

Though I did not become a doctor (I was awful in mathematics and chemistry) I found myself very interested in the progress of the medical science and the new and advanced solutions they were making on finding the antidote of the life risking diseases. I came across ACLS online a month back and it got me interested in knowing what all emergency medical training courses are there as well as the meaning of advanced cardiovascular life support system. Let us know about emergency medical training and what all things to have to know to become an emergency medical technicians.

What is the course description for emergency medical technicians?

Before making your decision on whether or not you want to become an emergency medical technician you should know the details of medical emergency training course properly and accurately. Let’s walk you through the course in details once.

The course of emergency medical training is divided into three broad categories which are educational and teaching for a total span of one hundred and twenty hours which includes gaining bookish as well as practical knowledge along with gaining experience on during the hands-on sessions so that you can acquire the required skills which will be needed in real life situation.

There is also a rigorous training session which is done by taking all the candidates on a trip to the hospital where you all have to spend a whole day, i.e. full twenty four hours and have to practice the skills you have acquired during the emergency medical training session on a minimum of ten patients.

The final test of your caliber will be taken by the trained and authorized emergency medical technicians or paramedic, which can go on form four hours till eight hours. This whole course of emergency medical training comprises of attending very informative lectures, along with practical labs to practice your skills, and presentations. If you are already working and unable to take class room regular course you can join ACLS online.

What happens in the field trip to the hospital or clinic? What are the candidates suppose to do?

Aren’t you excited or curious to know what role you will play when you are taken to the hospital or nursing home on the field trip? Yes, I thought you are. Well, it is a twenty four hours program where you will have to come in contact of at least ten patients. Don’t worry; there will be a supervisor under which you will perform the duties delegated to you. He will look into your skills and tell you what needs to be done and guide you accordingly.

Authorized paramedics and emergency medical trainers are generally the supervisors on the field trip to clinics and hospitals. You all will be taken in the authorized ambulance or medical van provided by the hospital you people will be visiting on your field trip. You must complete the field trip within thirty days from the last day of the educational course. The duty hours of the twenty four hour shift will be allotted to you keeping in mind your class schedules so that you do not miss any of your lectures or practical labs.

The best part of undergoing an emergency medical training is that you do not need to have a medical degree before applying to this course. Plus through ACLS online you can complete the course while working regularly.


ACLS As One Of The Main Emergency Medical Training Programs

Due to the increase in the number of mishaps and accidents emergency medical training programs are high in demand and more and more people are taking part in it to gain knowledge on how to save a person’s life in critical situations. I too was interested in taking a course on medical training for emergency purpose and that’s why wanted to gather all the information on the various programs under emergency medical training. And guess what, I found it all through the internet. It seems the search engines, for instance Google knows all the solutions of all the problems mankind can ever have in the present and in also in the future.

I also came across advanced cardiovascular life support certification programs which made me very interested as it dealt with the techniques of saving lives of people who suffered strokes and cardiac arrest and needed immediate medical attention. The best part which I liked about this particular program is that you can apply and complete this certification course via ACLS online which gives working people an opportunity to take this course if they want to. Before going in to the other emergency medical training programs let me give you a small briefing about advanced cardiac life support.

ACLS or advanced cardiovascular life support certification program

Nearly every house has faced the death of their loved ones due to heart attack or stroke. What if you yourself can save the life of your near and dear ones who is suffering from cardiovascular trauma? Won’t it be great? Advanced cardiovascular life support certification program falls under the class of emergency medical training courses and gives the candidates enrolled in it the basic knowledge and the required skill set to save the life of a dying man due to life-threatening cardiac condition by means of revival therapy or what we commonly known as CPR.

Based on the 1974 published compilation by the American Heart Association the advanced cardiovascular life support is actually a set of medical arrangements and interventions which aims at providing maximum clinical assistance to the patient suffering from a life risking heart condition. This course offers the students in depth knowledge related to the management of airway or air pipe along with oxygenation and recognizing AMI according to the set of algorithms regarding cardiac arrest which have gained national recognition.

Other life support courses under emergency medical training

Life support programs under emergency medical training are divided into three divisions which are basic life support courses, intermediate life support courses and paramedic or advanced life support courses. The basic life support courses under the emergency medical training comprises of the foundation related to first aid preparations and resuscitation therapy. It deals with the required prerequisites which are needed for the basic technique in saving a person’s life. You will also be trained to become a emergency medical technician and emergency medical responder or first responder. The intermediate and advanced trainings deals with going in to an extensive study related to bridge programs which are oriented for medical professionals.

Why Is Emergency Medical Training So Important?

People mostly think that doctors and nursing can only save the lives of patients as they are “Doctors” and “Nurses” for crying out loud. But these people fail to realize that many a times when a patient is suffering from a life-threatening condition which can be a disease or illness or even it can be a unforeseen situation such as an accident, you may not get a hospital or nursing home nearby and due to this reason can lose the person who is so dear to you forever. People fail to believe that even they can save the life of persons who are fighting their battle against death same as a doctor or a nurse.

Can you enroll in emergency medical training course? Are you eligible?

Wondering how is it possible? Have I gone completely mad? No, I haven’t and I am speaking complete sense, dear people. There are several emergency medical training which has come up to train people like you and me, who do not have any knowledge in medicine, so that we can save lives of people where getting medical help is not possible. You do not need to have a medical experience or medical education qualification to get into these courses.

Everyone can enroll in these courses from various work fields. You may not be eligible to sit for medical entrance exams but you are one hundred percent eligible to get into these courses which may not be mandatory in your specific professions but as human being it is essential. So the answer to the question whether you are eligible for the emergency medical training is a big ‘YES’.

Job description of an emergency medical technician

An emergency medical technician is a person who has undergone the emergency medical training and is now authorized to perform life saving techniques on people who are facing life risking situation due to various reasons, cardiovascular trauma being one of the most common reasons. To save the life of a person experiencing a heart attack you get enroll yourself in advanced cardiovascular life support training which is known as ACLS online.

Emergency medical technicians are needed to inform the specific medical team about the number of injuries in the hospital and which ones need immediate medical attention. You, as an emergency medical technician are supposed to contact the police department as well as the fire department if any cases of such criteria come in the hospital.